(Better than Freeboard) Bindings! finished 3d printable design in post#209!

I’ve seen the thread. You’re right:grinning:


unlikely, it would shatter in seconds unless you CF skin or at the very least bath it in epoxy. Nothing is gonna be good though unless its injection molded or metal.

also, not correct. it may be laser cut and bent on a break, but its almost 6mm thick so its not sheet metal.

I’m not trying to b e argumentative but you gotta have more info before you make assumptions like that.

The reason we don’t buy from Freebord is that they are assholes. The dont like electric skateboards, they were really rude in public to @okp about an IG post, they said they didn’t wanna sell to us.


Good feedback @mmaner

I guess Freeboard distributor hate against esk8’ers is another reason to create something on our own…

Though from what u are telling it starts to sound like this wont be an easy job at all… and someone would need to take up for it, make the models and create everything out of metal or sturdy plastic (possibly machine job involved)

Or a solution needs to be made, onto how to create sturdy enough ‘Top plate’ to withstand the forces and other punishment it might take.

A 2 piece model milled from aluminum would be better than the 1 piece using a brake to bend it, the bend is what makes it junk. Im working on something but it’s gonna be a bit, covered up at work right now plus testing a new drive system and a new ESC.


Thank you for the reply.
Of course, I’m basing only on pictures, never seen this thing live.

I disagree on the topper though. I never meant to copy it as is, but adapt to 3d printing with it’s pluses and minuses.

I’ll try to get something initial tonight, might be interesting.



Just in case a few more pictures and looks like @Riako was onto something a long time ago (2016 thread by whitepony on endless sphere)


Also one more angle of original S2 bindings: completeDaBlues

Also found out original S2 baseplates is 17 USD / single piece (on website I opened)…

So ordering 2 sets of plates alone is no good, if whole kit can be got for 60 usd + shipping…

So not sure how this applies to local distributors but seems like it wont be a way to go anyways… (+ mentioned hate and disinterest from themselves against esk8 in general…)

And last but not least…

Seeing these parts, makes me think making it out of metal is the right way to go… maybe these stock parts can even be modified to be used as bindings…

@torqueboards is this one of yours??? :smiley:

@sn4pz no :cry:

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That’s interesting about the use of plasti dip, although I would spray it on only where I want it instead of actually dipping it. That stuff is tough, but I’m surprised that it actually stays put with your foot sliding in and out. I’m going to try this soon and will let you know how it goes.

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This is veeery first try. Just rough dimensions and assembly idea. (printing now and see the result)

The idea to connect it to the base is with 3 bolts and carbon plate spreading the stresses (both sides). This way the bolts will not stress the printed part (I will run FE later)

For now I’m going with the concept of the original bindings and the base plate is flat sticking out (this may change)

I have some additional questions:

  1. Does it use the truck mounting hardware or the holes are drilled wherever is convenient?
  2. The original base plate, aluminum or steel?

I’m curious as to why? Does it bend outside when you ride? Other stuff that I’m missing?

Thank you guys for the input. I’m excited to make this thing work, and functional for long time.



The original base plate is steel, a very low grade of steel. The truck mounting hardware is used to fasten the base late to the deck.

The bend uses a lot of space but doesn’t serve any purpose other than to provide the angle. It’s a waste in service to cheap costs.


It’s only 20% infill and 0.4mm layer, PLA, but I can stand on it without breaking (85kg)



Im also going to throw my hat into the ring here and have a look at this, I can print in Nylon or even carbon fibre nylon so will he worth testing. It will be hard to make this ultra durable with 3d printing regardless.

I think it should be something that bolts onto truck hardware if possible

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Love it. I’m guessing you’re using freebords metal baseplate with this?

great to see this thread alive, I’ve been a bit familiar with esk8 and freebord s2 over the last years ! awesome work @danile

if you are planning to jump with them, you may need more coverage about the feet and extend it a little bit. I had designed my own version of the s2 two years ago and I need to find if I manage to get the 3D file.

Keep you posted!


Not using with any plate right now, never even held one in person.
Is it something that’s desirable? Would like to be able to use it with s2 plates?

This one is just my first try/impression of how I imagined these. These are not even for me :slight_smile:
Just developing something that people would use/like.


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Thank you for the input.
Any ideas/inputs are welcome.

Let’s do it the best we can


It looks like it was designed to fit and someone linked the plates by themselves earlier so I was just curious of mounting plan. I’m very interested in this project!

the challenge with the original s2 baseplate is that they are heavy. Anything you can make to get something lighter will be a win

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It would be cool if it was possible to mount them with something generally available that anyone can buy in a hardware store.