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Best voltmeter for getting percent charge left on LiPo's



I have been shopping around for volt/watt meters and I really don’t know what to look for. All I want to do is read how much charge I have left on my 2 lipo packs so I know when to head home.
Does anybody have favorites?
FYI I have a two 3S 20C 5000mAh packs in series so I guess it would need to handle 100A.

Volt Meter question

simple and easy


Thanks. Ill buy that tomorrow morning!


@Jinra on a 12s where would you say is the cut off on this volt meter 25%?


Not sure exactly what you’re asking, but @longhairedboy has experience with these perhaps he can help. This chart should give you an idea of what to expect for various voltage setups.



It does help thank you


Looks good.

Is this thing configurable? How does configuration work?

I´m building a 10S Setup atm and for the beginning i want the indicator to behave very conservatively and show 0% already when my battery has 35 volts left. Is this possible?


You can set it to different s counts (program mode) and switch between percentage and voltage by just pressing the button on the back


How can I let it show the voltage? In the ebay description for mine it only said how to choose the cell count but not how to switch between percentage and voltage.

Edit: when I start up holding the “up” button the backlight flashes. Releasing the button shows voltage but without backlight. After 2-3s it switches back to percentage with backlight illumination on. Does anyone know whats going on here? I’d rather have it show voltage instead of percent.


AFAIK, the %it shows is set for the setup you have and cannot be changed. The only thing you can program is the cell count.


I just tap the button once and it toggles to voltage, tap twice screen off, then tap a third time and back to percentage.
Press and hold button while powering on to enter program mode and pick s count.
Got mine from Amazon not eBay so it might be differnt but it looks exactly the same.

Here I took a screenshot of the instructions I found