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Best Trucks for dual motors? They simply don't fit!


I am trying to find a good set of trucks using these 100mm wheels so i can run dual 6355. They simply wont fit next to each other??I have tried like 3 different ones and even the caliber trucks. Any ideas on where to get a pair with enough space?



Caliber makes 9" and 10" versions. You may have the 9" ones. I used 10" ones for my build, with dual 6355s and 6" pneumatic wheels. You may also be able to squeeze out a few extra mm by switching to 9mm belts.


I use 10 inch calibers 100mm MBS, 12mm belts just fine.


Well that’s a 62mm long motor the can is 55+7 for the shaft sticking out
Gonna need the 218mm trucks


ThermalM16 has a set of the TB 218mm trucks he is interested in selling. Hit him up and find out what his price is.


Damn bro how fast that go? What is the battery and sprocket teeth?


Hey guys i figured out what the problem is. I can almost fit them its the design of the cheap mounting brackets im using that causes them not to fit. I got in contact with a guy selling motor mounts on here i think his name was Marc offering them for $50 a piece free shipping in US. He responded once and then completely blew off my reply message and i am just in Texas. Does anyone know him and is it a scam or legit? In any case does anyone know a good quality motor mounts i can actually buy a set of besides using TB one??


@marcmt88 is a well known member here. He’s actually just 15 minutes away from my mancave in San Diego. I ordered a mount from him and had him send it to my Secret Santee, along with a special note.


Oh wow thats good news. I am stumped i just don’t know why he never responded. I have message him back like 2 minutes later. I will send another message and see if he responds. If you talk to him let him know im looking to order. Maybe he just got busy…


I ordered a custom one to UK and he delivered. Maybe he just forgot to reply


It can go above 30mph. I’m using 40 tooth wheel pulleys and 16 tooth motor pulleys. 10S4P Samsung 25R battery.


Please, check your PMs.


Sure thing. Thanks for getting back to me. The members here speak highly of you and i look forward to doing business often:) Payment has been sent btw.


Payment received, thank you. A tracking # will be provided by end of Tuesday. I too look forward of doing business with you.


@marcmt88 's mounts are legit


Yes I paid for them just a bit ago. Hes super cool:slight_smile:


@marcmt88’s work is astounding.