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Best Grip Tape Contest: Most likes Wins


Quality Silvertip Epoxy and some final layers of clear coat.


Makes me hot


Thanks for the pro tip. Don’t have silvertip but I got 2 liter of Sicomin resin, supposedly can give the shiny finish too if layers are applied properly. But how does it fare against flex, is the deck stiff ?


It is definitely a stiff deck. In terms of flexibility it goes polyurethane>epoxy>polyester resin.


Best pic of 2018!!!


What if the best grip tape is no grip tape !? :open_mouth:


Pick one. Grips always gotta be fresh.


@psychotiller you just wait… one day… i will have my revenge!


Agents of Shield, black on black on black because there are two grades of frit. The AoS logo is in fine, the rest is in medium. Opalescent black glass on a black deck.

i think this is one of the many that never made it to insta, further proof that you can’t know my entire catalog simply by following me.

Only two of the phase leads are white, i thought it would make things more interesting. The customer actually asked for “stealth but bling but low key, pops but still stealth”, i forget how he put it but it was an interesting juxtaposition of “popping” and “stealth” which are sort of in conflict, yet harmony as it turns out.