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BatteryBlocs ? Could you use these to make a pack for your board?


Could you possibly create a 18650 pack out of these? Don’t need to weld on the batteries


Just a thought…anyone ever seen these?


I think high current/heat is not so good for magnets. I also wonder how much internal resistance there is in those plates.


They also don’t seem that strong. How long until you started loosing connection on a bumpy road. There’s probably similar but better performing products out there :slight_smile:


Just want to say that I love this guy’s vids!!!


What a nice guy even if you don’t like his blocks he will still weld a battery pack up for you.

Anyone ever used this system for building Li-ion batteries?

I wouldn’t trust those magnets to be able to hold a continuous connection in bumpy terrain, also the increased series resistance and power losses.

I personally use my DIY car battery dual pulse short circuit tab welder. Like this one: