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Bajaboard OVERHAUL | Dual 12S -5P Sanyo 20700b | 2 x 60Amp bms | NEW CHASSIS


Hi everyone

It’s been a minute since I posted a build, so here we GO.

My friend has a BajaBoard and wanted to upgrade it, the board has a lot of power but the delivery of this power it is just untamable so he decide to give to me to bring it into the Kaly.nyc family :smiling_imp:

Here is the BEAST

This Board was discussed back in a post Here

The first major problem is the Battery, since he had already spot welded a 12S-10P Sanyo 20700B battery and that is a HUGE!!! Pack, also super stiff and not safe, it was made in the conventional method.
Check the review on Cells by Mooch

I opted for a more manageable configuration Dual 12S-5P running as parallel Packs. this is 120 Cells :scream: and there is no way I don’t take extra measures to make this baby monster as safe as it can be. It is an 1800 Watts/hr :exploding_head:

First step taking apart the BIG pack
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: after a few hours.

Now the only way to be safe, is to put a fuse on each Cell, so after another few hours :flushed:

For the packs I use heavy duty hot glue and strips of 3M structural glazing tape to keep the packs bonded to each other next just wrap around with good old Gorilla tape :wink: for structural stability.

Once the battery is out of the way, I was free to focus on the other major issue on this model of the Bajaboard, The CHASSIS :grimacing:

I don’t know why this chassis is lacking any resemblance of rigidity whatsoever.

There is no way I’m putting those huge packs in that twisted thing. It has to GO!!!

New chasis :grin::heart_eyes::sunglasses:

Measured the Original “chassis” and went with a thicker aluminum gauge, after bending it to proper shape, it came out GREAT !!!

Now with a more structurally sound foundation, I feel much better to put that 1800 Watts/hr pack :innocent:

RIGID :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The mounting holes for the rivets are a pain to properly align but after some measuring is all good.

Check this out
Looking better Already :slight_smile:

A quick test fit of the batteries

And the BEAST is getting its personality back …

Will be to equipped it with new brains :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:
We are using the SKYfly VESC6.4 since this are waterproof :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Also a great price and good way to test this bad boys.

I’ll continue in the next few days since this is my progress so far.


A monster that will get more monstrous

How’s the reduction on these boards? I just an internal belt?


I have not taken a look yet, I’ll post a detail of the drive train and suspension system once I get to it.


I see you are using smaller width nickel stipa as fuses. At what current will they melt? Did you do calculations for your setup and choose the fuses after that?


The fuses will fail at 30 Amps after 5-8 seconds
Perfect for this application, since is a worse case scenario prevention solution.

Cells after test

Only shrink wrap burned, isolator still intact.

Need to make sure your pack is structurally braced without using the nickel strips for that purpose.


VERY cool build!

its giving me ideas what to do with my bajaboard, I think I would have had to shorten it just a little :wink:


@Kaly Beautiful build as always bro!!!

I wish i could get my hands on a gutted baja board for cheap.


That seems like a good amount for the fuse. Do you have any measurements on heat on high discharge, 10-20A?
How thick and wide are the nickel strips for this? (I assume you are using pure nickel strips)


i have a few extra chassis if interested


There will be an update on this coming up soon but I have decided to go with the alloy wheels for this to eliminate any unnecessary movement between the original plastic wheels. Im also thinking upgrading Into their new shocks system , its more durable and it can be lock down for stiffness… Lastly maybe creating different plate and putting in 200 KV motors, there is plenty of torque but while Ernesto is 200 lbs I’m 250. Also new sets of lights and LEDs will be put in. Dual 4000 lumens bike lights for riding off road :panda_face::metal:


I would like to see some more Information about the battery Pack. How did you connect the series rows?


you still got this Bajaboard chassis?


I asked already - all sold :frowning:


Print this jpg for the measurements

take it to a sheet metal shop, use 1/8 thick aluminum sheet
the price it cost me around $60.00 each to get made


Legend mate! Thanks :+1::+1:


So what is the end result performance specs…top speed, range etc?


@Nanorider can give the details
Since is his kraken:-)