EggsTravaGanZa 4-Day Sale

Baja board owners


I need my ride to fit in my ride.


I’m considering taking it off your hands. Do you have a listing


Hi Arzamenable.
I’m interested your Baja G4X. please connect me. Thanks.


I’d love to buy a second hand one… Please send me an email


I ordered the Pantera last week. What sold me was the offroad capabilities, acceleration and torque also was impressed with the remote and tuning capabilities. My experience with the company thus far has been good they are quick to reply to emails, and transparent about their product.

I researched the board extensively before purchase and had a hard time finding any reocurring complaints, other then the obvious weight, maneuverabilty and price gripe (mostly from people who dont own them).

For me the Pantera was the best choice due to the fact that a fully upgraded 2018/19 G4x ( including alloy rims and controller, larger battery, lights) plus shipping and handling is around $5400. The Pantera includes all the afore mentioned and s/h is included in the full price. Factor in the added power and potential performance upgrades (if needed already has ridiculous power.) Was the best option imo.


Rip. You will be missed


very jealous! this board makes the BEST sounds