Back to the Future build


Here’s my updated version of the Back to the Future Hoverboard. Custom deck by @Sincitylongboards 40" X 10" inch all hardwood deck with pink LEDs and headlights on green & pink CaliberTrucks :facepunch:t2:

First Build With No Idea What I'm Doing

That’s amazing! The LED’s are a really nice touch!
Which ones did you use, and how are they powered?


Dang! almost looks like the real one in the back to the future. Try it on the water. Just kidding. Awesome deck and great build.


I just picked up some LEDs from eBay and siphoned off some power of my electric skateboard power system … It’s good times

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That’s what I’m talking about! Time to give the hoverboard some real credibility again. How did you do the graphic?

Just had a thought that the Enertion Raptor’s shape would lend itself well to getting an optional Hoverboard graphic overlay like this. For all those folks that would still love to buy a production “hoverboard”.


very sweet build!!

I used those same LED strip on my first board:


The black board is a 40 X 10 free ride board with blue LEDs
The white board is a 33 X 10 kick tail with white LEDs



Here is a better look at the two other boards that I created. This was taken on a trip from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier in California.

Black 40 X 10 free ride board with blue LEDs, head and tail lights
White 33 X 10 kick tail board with white LEDs, head and tail lights



moved your other topics to this thread- try to keep all your posts concerning your build in the same thread, as to not create too many irrelevant topics.


Custom print job…just had them custom make and cut to fit the board dimensions that I also had custom made by @SinCityLongboards here in Las Vegas


How did you “siphoned off some power of my electric skateboard power system” ?
Can you explain in layman’s terms and some pictures as I am “electronically challenged”.


Battery – to ----> ESC and On/Off switch-Stepdown converter to 12v

Power----->ESC to remote and Motor
Power------>On/Off switch -> Stepdown converter to 12v -> Lights

Basiccly, what it is above ----->

The Battery then split the wire from the battery so it goes to the esc and the Stepdown converter which drops the current to 12v … Then hook your lights to the 12 v output.

I have a switch to turn off the lights and a light modulator to control the lighting effects … Slow glow, flashing, solid lights etc…

Best to test lights by mocking them up and making sure you have everything wired correctly.

Good luck

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so so so cool. man… I had no idea this is what you had been working on. FUCKING COOL>


I’ve created three so far and working on a 4th for a buddy.


Spilt screen Back to the Future Hover Board - Feel free to share


I’m curious if you increased the intensity of the under lighting maybe it would flush out the wheels and give a better effect?

And make the wheels +trucks the same color as the lighting


Go ahead try it yourself … Let’s see iff you can do better


I have red under lighting with red whees and black trucks. At night it looks pretty cool in my opinion