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Awoah Mods on Kickstarter



that’s all it is I think, not a lot of info on the formula available. Even though it looks cool, I would like to see more data to justify the cost.


Oh look at that they updated the kickstarter page :rofl:


I’m interested to see if it is made out of a known formula. Also the bears in the sunsets are very hard to change out if they die or clean them as the sunset wheels rely on the bearings to make the lights light up


Yup. I let them know about the important info missing. Glad they listened!


Nice, now only if we can get some samples of these sent to some of the well known / experienced people like Boa did with the constrictor so we can get an idea of how they ride.


I dont’t get what they mean by boosted wheels or evolve wheels or street wheels, whats the difference. The pulley design?


Think its the core and the amount of teeth.
And just them advertising to that crowd


I believe the pulley is the only difference.


ive been chatting with them but still havent gotten a clear answer as to if they fitt all abec style pulleys… he did mention is was a “different” type of core… to which i replied that if the core needed a proprietary hub that he’d be missing out on the diy community because we cant use what is readily available or what we may already own…


They do not fit abec 11 style cores, as far as I know. This core has 8 holes.


fuh…king…buummer =/ i want some led wheels lol


I actually prefer 90mm Reflys after having tried all the DIY eskate options…


I’m using OG green 90mm Flywheels on my Evolve build and I love them. Abec is at the top of the wheel game for a reason.


re-hashing the almost dead =P theyre not gonna hit the goal, but i still think it would be fun to have some LED wheels… anyone else have the capabilities to make something like this happen with out a dumb ass proprietary core for abecs?? :wink: