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[AUS] Australia, Custom built 18650 Battery packs including Evolve battery upgrade


Hey so I was looking to get v more range out of my evolve CGT and I’m v looking for the biggest pack I can fit in without modding the desk itself from what I read, 10s4p fit resy but I’m woundering it’s a 10s5p of 10s6p will fit

If someone could let me know that works be great


From what I’ve read, you can fit a 10s5p with some squeezing and rearranging, I think. I don’t have a source for that but have read it somewhere


I have done a post on the Carbon GT battery upgrade.

The only bms that fits with a 10S5P battery is the new ones without an Aluminum heat plate on it, you will need the spacer for the rest.


30q batterys are only good for 15A so they are not acceptable for a 3 or 4p pack for the evolve GT board as they can pull up to 80A at full noise. as well you say you use 0.2mm nickel strap x3 plus 4mm2 tinned copper braid. what width is you nickel strip and your braid. by my calcs you are very under rated for the GT. as far as i can see no one sells 4mm2 copper braid less than 2mm thick. i can tell you with those dimensions it will not fit. evolve made sure people people wouldnt be able to retro fit 18650 batterys to there CGT with out spending big dollars on copper welding techniques to keep the width down. also a tip, dont make the mistake that many have and choose to not insulate the outer edges of your pack sufficently so as to be able to fit your pack in a CGT. the Carbon fibre is conductive. you are basically installing the batteryinto a metal box with a thin layer of soft easily scrathed laquer on it. vibration = fire in a poorly insulated carbon board battery.


One thing to note is that, while not officially supported, 30Q can do 20A in non thermal throttled scenarios


Hi @Marsen. I would love to order a battery pack for my Bamboo GTX.


Sure no problem. 10S4P with 30Q’s?


Don’t know what happened to all the posts replying to maker’s comments on battery building so I will reply again just to clarify a few things.

  1. The 30Q is rated to 15A continuous and 3000mAh it will do 20A continuous but will fall short of 3000mAh it will also heat up quicker. By the time the battery has reached anywhere near dangerous heat levels at 20A per cell it is fully drained.
  2. I have tested my 0.2mm Nickel strips to 20A on my West Mountain Radio analyser and it only reached 38 degrees C far lower than the cell itself.
  3. The copper braid is 1mm thick and 6.5mm wide, in theory that makes it 6.5x1mm = 6.5mm2. This is not quite correct in reality as the braid is less densely packed together compared to stranded wire so it is calculated by the square mm of each strand times the number of strands. I stated 4mm2 in the post of the build but made a mistake and I’ve been using 6mm2 all this time. It’s the same thickness so I will continue using the 6mm

    The Nickel is 10mm x 0.2mm and as you can see there is a couple of mm on either side. The copper is also soldered to the middle of the 4P bank of cells so that the Nickel has to cope with a max of 40A and even then it is only for a length of 9mm. As I stated before there is far more heat generation from the cell than the resistance of the Nickel.
  4. An 18650 battery pack fits in a Carbon board quite easily as I have done numerous times. I used several layers of Kapton tape then reinforced fibre tape and finally shrink wrap. Well insulated!

    It fits !!!
    Any question please ask.


Yes please. I haven’t been able to figure out how to PM you.


Hey marsen , just a question do you reuse the existing BMS or are you retrofitting a new one to the batterys?


I Use the original BMS. I have a smart BMS that has a UART socket but I’d need a software whiz to interface it with the evolve esc to make it work.