Audi longboard bumper


I don’t like Audi much… but this is dope!

How popular do you believe electric longboarding to be?

Wow. That’s surprising. I’d love to the see the board more. Looks pretty awesome. Wonder how the handle works. Wish it would make it to production but that would be even more surprising.


nothing practical and will cost fuck knows how much


looks very aerodynamic



Here in southern Cali I would say pretty popular from all the rich kids and hipsters at the beach/boardwalks with longboards.


Hahaha…You said hipsters


I’ve met one other person with an e-board; I think they had a benchwheel or something.


Did I mention I have never seen a electric longboard with urethane wheels? I have only seen (5 to be exact)


lightweight electric vehicles will be commonplace in the future… sort of like the mobile phone is now.

skateboards happen to be a very good platform for a light weight vehicle. Very few mechanical parts, simple to operate & lightweight. Mostly made from cheap materials.

eboards are the future.


It deserves to be part of the hood! (Bonnet for you British types…lol)


I’ll see one every half hour During rush hour downtown in San Francisco.

The weirdest part of that board and it’s features …you load it with groceries and it follows you home! Wow. So you walk home and your groceries get hit by a truck probably.


this makes me wanna book the car itself . and that built in handle for e~longboard ? is just an excuse to ride it with a slim girlfriend . 55kg and above chubby g’frnds arent allowed on this one for sure .
it also looked like its a dual satellite config . once in my hands , gonna switch mod it with @jacobbloy’s dual hub :yum: . good idea Audi got for us eboarders . once car is parked , no need to walk 100m or 700m to home , work or shopping mall . with that handle , you can again mod it to carry light weight items . laptop , 2 plastic bags of groceries , and many more . so cool .


The mechanicals are almost certainly boostedboard components:


Lol…in reality …WHO CARES!

ANYONE here could build something that could blow that board away…in less than an hour…from scratch


That’s a cool concept, and I actually like the fold up scooter mode (for other people), plus the bumper is a nice cool place to keep your board, but holy hell, did you see the size of the battery charger? It’s enormous and weighs like 3 tons! Sure it’s a pretty blue color, but how am I going to fit that into my backpack for when I get 6 miles away and have to recharge to get back to my…charger? :confused: :laughing:

And how do I mod my car to have a slide out ESk8 utensil drawer? That’s the real question.


Yea, that’s what I was thinking. Looks identical.


True on performance and price, but the boosted remote is the most refined remote short of whatever the Revol guys have. Power without control is great for skinned knee and ED visits.

Btw, the Instagram videos of your night lights are pretty sick. :+1:


I hate the boosted remote. It gives my hand spasms. Super awkward as u have to hold two levers at once


Hahah thanks @Arzamenable :metal:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:t2: