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Are people interested in an enclosure that attaches to the trucks like the mellow?


Even with the tape holding the box to the deck, the whole thing rattles quite a bit. Maybe some kind of felt between the deck and the box. What does mellow do?

Sidenote, the first design didn’t have aluminum bars running through the truck area and the whole box snapped right off after no time.


Mellow is full magnesium, so very very solid, and the battery is solidly held inside it’s compartiment.
Quite surprised that it held that well, especially that you’re saying you’ll try thinner rods !
So my plan of going full aluminium plate, or even full enclosure might be a little overkill ? But I really don’t want it to move around, and only the truck’s screws, no belt or anything is my goal
I dunno, maybe i’ll go for a full metal plate and stick a normal enclosure on it
Doing a full frame like mellow will take too much time and effort designing it, and i’m not even sure a CNC could do the job…


Could you draw a scheme of the placement of your aluminium rodes please? I have trouble figuring out how they are