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Aps80mm motor issues using etoxx aps80mm direct drive


The wires coming out is the copper windings in the motors so that cant be changes unless you use another kv setting in the motor. Bullet connector you can solder yourself, its not that hard :-).
If all goes well i will have my first run this weekend .-)


@Klaerke91keep me posted on how everything goes. As far as the wiring on the motors goes I guess what my man concern is when you look at the 63mm motors aps provides they don’t just have heat shrink tubing around the wires they have some kind of black wire loom around it that looks like it can with stand heat a lot better than just heat shrink tubing.

these are the motors I have ordered and that you have Im not sure if its like the 80mm I already have but if it is then its just heat shrink tubing

This is a picture of aps 63mm motors… just looks like to me the 63mm wiring is of better quality then the 80mm


I’ve been talking with aps about the motors I just ordered and they have addressed my concerns and are wrapping the wires just like they do on the 60mm motors and also adding bullet connectors