Anyone reparing FlipSky Vesc 4.20 In EU?


Long story short, it no longer turns on after it failed to do motor detection or even moving a pair of motors with my remote it just did DRV errors and then out of no where sparked and now no longer turns on same goes for my antispark switch its also on and can’t be turned off (Would also love to get it fixed)


@Martinsp should be able to


He has been contacted but the shipping prices to his country isnt that low so was hoping to hear more but ill just take him he did a great job last time :smiley:


Im pretty sure i spent like 200$ for sure just on shipping for my build since i had to out source every single part, some even 2-3 times
What you will pay like 10-15$?

now my antispark probably got lost in the mail on its way to me from spain


Yeah i paid a ton for shipping as well on my parts.

Like 4x17euro and 80 euro from my chinese parts and 20 for my deck.

But shipping to him is around 36 euro now due to his country not being partnered with my countries last time i did it, they only charged 15 but no more.


Lucky me, found one in my own country that has great prices! Not bad not bad.


Have you tried contacting Flipsky to see if they will replace it? Assuming it wasn’t user error


Its basicly user error, the motors were a bit dodgy but i was able to do a motor detection on a focbox so i took the chance and it ended up taking the antispark and vesc with it.


but what was the issue then?

Are you sure this is not flipsky error? Dodgy motors sound very mystical :slight_smile:


I just did a motor detection on a pair of dodgy motors thats pretty much all, i have two 6355 i wanted to see if i could use on a beater they worked almost on my focboxes without sensors so i had to check on my flipsky and thats when it most likely just fried my power delivery. (Fails to turn on the vesc)


Did someone manage to contact @martinsp lately ? I’ve sent hem 2 focboxes for repair but since then he doesn’t answer pm’s nor emails… I thought he was reliable but i am starting to doubt about that…


He has been moving shop as far as i remember.


Always test every motor by hand first

  1. connect phase A to phase B and verify by hand-spinning that there are moderate choppy brakes
  2. connect phase A to phase C and verify by hand-spinning that there are moderate choppy brakes
  3. connect phase B to phase C and verify by hand-spinning that there are moderate choppy brakes
  4. connect phase A to phase B to phase C and verify by hand-spinning that there are strong smooth brakes
  5. the first 3 should all feel exactly the same strength
  6. verify with A, B, and C disconnected that there are no brakes


They ran fine on focboxes but the fets on flipskys vescs cant handle much so if you keep forcing it into doing something it doesnt really like they short.

Not like the better vescs where they just reject and give you a DRV error.


Waiting for my flipsky 4.2 to arrive, can you tell me what jst connector for the hall sensors, how many pins, pitch and colour order of wires. Want to use on wowgo/meepo hubs. Thanks