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Anyone in UK selling a motor mount for caliber trucks?


Hi I am after a motor mount and possibly pulleys to fit caliber trucks. I have priced them up from various sources but with shipping and duty it works out ridiculous so if anyone has a mount please let me know thanks.


I think aliendrivesystem comes from the UK. not sure do


Did we talk? I feel like we did I still have mine but I’m in the us. We can work out a price. Two pyschotiller mounts


Yes mate we spoke was thinking about your board but building my own now. Needs to be a caliber truck mount as that’s what I have.


Yes alien drive are but they never have any stock of anything!


I sold my board already but yea I have two mounts if you want to work out a deal

They’re caliber mounts


Yes it’s just shipping duty they really rip you off! How much are you wanting for them?


100 plus shipping for both


they sell their mounts now on alienpowersystem.com


You could also just ask some of the US/Australian webshops if they can value the package lower than the real value - ex. $35. Then you will not pay as much in tax/duty :slight_smile:


Alienpowersystems still have no stock


Is that dollers or pounds?



United States currency


Ok, do you have any pics of the mounts please?



Thanks for pics will let you know