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Anyone heard of PANZERBOARD?



is definitely a week point and I would worry to break down the enclosure when going off-road.
It’s common practice to adjust the springs from the up, just look the trampa boards.
It’s nothing new and nothing special.
I can’t find any information about materials you use.
What’s the enclosure made out of?
Is the deck full carbon or only carbon enforced?
Did you thought about adding bindings on the deck?
What batteries in which configuration do you use?

Videos are nice but nothing tells more than real world experience.
If you think your board perform how you present it, the best way would be to sent out some samples to trusted members here in the for so that they can have a test ride and write a review about it :wink:


You just found the actual reason for the 10 ‘’ wheels :wink:


You think it’s enough clearance when I drive down stairs or similar stuff?:thinking:
Not sure so…as min I would worry


No…but it would be worse with 8 inch wheels. Personally, I am somewhat limited by the 5:1 gear drive. There is always something on an e-mtb that will mess up clearance. The difference there is that it is a solid piece of Aluminium with skid pads/ it will take a beating. Plastic battery tray in the middle and at the bottom is a no-no, I agree. Most of us here will destroy that within a few days.


Haven’t found this information.
Where is it written?
If it’s like this than sure it’s more robust,
But :sweat_smile: still the enclosure is bolted to the deck, so there is a week point again.
Aaand honestly I wouldn’t want to street or better to say mud face because my enclosure get stuck somewhere instead of just sliding over.

I think with the 10“ you already have a good clearance, but I would as min make the enclosure over the full length of the deck down side. For me it looks like there is not much flex anyhow in the deck. @CELCIUS please correct me if i‘m wrong


Talking about my own Trampa/has nothing to do with the Panzer. Bought a Chinese board that has the exact same enclosure as an entry type board 2 years ago. The panzerboard appears to be using the exact same battery/esc/li-ion kit. If it is indeed the same kit, the Panzer is not going to provide a good offroad experience and the enclosure will crack easily upon impact.

Similar to that, just paired with different trucks/motors.


Ah ok i mixed that up.
Thought you have seen somewhere in indiegogo the information about the aluminum case…

I stopped loading the side you linked…
I have seen the logo in the top and that’s enough for me to understand that those not long living and performing parts…


Thank you for your input guys!

GTX-Carbon materials
Deck: full carbon fiber
Wheels & Trucks: CNC Processed Cast Aluminum
Top Aluminum: CNC processed 6061 T6
Tires: Rubber.
Battery: 42v 10Ah

@Andy87 If our campaign reach the goal, we will send 2 samples to the trusted member here. If you don’t like the wheel, at least the full carbon fiber deck is awesome :wink:

We are designing another model, it will be something like the pic below. Your advice will may help us to build a good product for professionals. What is your preferred top speed and range? The box can be smaller depending on the size of the battery. Now we know that most of you prefers smaller wheel, we’ll change that fat tire to a smaller one. Let us know what you think, we really want to build a good product, hopefully we can keep the price reasonable.


Total discharge rating?


The tires full rubber tires?
We have some guys in here using 9“ wheels and they very happy with it.
Personally I don’t like the battery mounted on the tail of the deck.
With the battery in the middle the balance of the board is way much better.
If you use bindings I think it’s the way to go anyway.
Just keep in mind that in case your deck has a flex you should place the box with spacer so that the case doesn’t get broken or restrict the flex.

If you set your focus on off road everything between 40-50km/h is a good speed but more important that the hub motors have enough torque to move you through difficult terrain.
Traction control would be one thing which maybe can help with it too and already possible with a vesc/focbox controller.

Regarding range, 20-30km real off road I think is more than enough. This should be 30-40km on good roads. Maybe a swappable battery concept would be an idea too.


@telnoi the discharge rate was 5C, but we will make some modifications.

@Andy87 The tires are full rubber, pneumatic, tubeless. We will change the dimension to 9". Thank you for your suggestions. We are working on the new design, and post another video when ready.