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Anyone heard of ekicktech skate lights?


May have to try these when they come out. They look pretty sweet.


Yep good stuff…expensive isn’t it?


Yea I didn’t look at the price until after I posted lol. It’s a cool concept though.


Lol for that price you can light up your board like a X-mas tree


A cheaper option is Shreadlights


Its also rechargeable, which in my opinion would be annoying to keep track of.


tape a small flashlight to the bottom lol


Shredlights is 3d printed rubber for the housing. I bought an ekicktech one of their first ones but it eventually fell apart.

The bike light on ebay, thin horizontal one for $10 bucks is a better buy.


what would be cool is if there was a set of lights with an accelerometer that could feel if you were turning left or right to apply a signal. and to know when you are slowing down to apply a brake light.


I just planned to build such a light on my own but at this moment i dont have time for that:

Using such a light and connect it to a mini adruino with accelerometer.