Anyone 3D printing wheel splash guards?


NO. it’s not caliber trucks…


I developed one for 97mm wheels. Which can use a clamp for which any truck you need and some angle adjustment. It fit really good but when going over bumps it made the most hideous rattling sound so I immediately took them off and didn’t get around to designing a V2. Id rather get all wet than hear that sound again.

I think the issue was that it was too flexible and too close to the wheel so it would flex and kind of bounce on the wheel and make a terrible sound.


Nicely done! Perhaps you could solve the rattling bye increasing the clearance between the wheel and the splash guard, it looks very close right now.


did anyone ever get to printing these or trying? Perfect what i had envisioned… i tried downloading the file and isolating just the fenders but maybe im a noob…


Just a heads up, I’ve been printing shields all last fall and they crack apart from the vibration super fast. I just use a sheet of lexan across the front and back now…


How thick are the shields you’re printing? Mine are about 4mm and I smeared a light coating of silicone sealant on the underside.


Very nice, the rubbing could be addressed by having it mounted on both sides? Two version
Regular width
Wider version to go pulley


Exile boards came out with this one, though you might want to see these $33 ea carbon fiber

Its not on exile site. I stumbled on them on a site called “Sick Skateboards” and it was under parts or components


thats not a bad idea… i may have to make a metal one


will make a more dramatic fender

like the ones on ATVs or race cars


How about side skirts I get a lot of inspiration through automotive design


Not sure what these are



So does anyone have a 97mm wheel splash guard by now?

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