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Any tried the BASEN IMR 26650 5000mAh Cells?

Oh snap you’re getting 4.5 miles per pack? That’s crazy. Is it on that short board with the bindings?

Yep. Rides like a dream - especially with the bindings. Starts at 24.4 and ends at 21.6, no problems in between. To be fair it is on flat ground, medium speed. I’ll post test runs if i can get some in this week

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Just did some range testing on my board today. Got 21kms on a 26650 6s2p.

Capacity is good on these cells, voltage sag is bad…

I’m with you there - trying to figure out if I can reconfigure my esc it seems to stop temporarily if voltage sag hits nominal voltage

I thin if you ran your packs in Parallel you’d have less sag

I’ve been thinking about that too. My 12S4P packs weigh 5 pounds, which makes me wonder what 12 10ah lipos would weigh and what kind of footprint that would have. Cycle life is a trade-off though from what i understand.

The same here. I’m half temped to go back to lipos because I can fit a larger pack with lipos than lion in the same space. I need to make a decision soon though as I need to build another battery pack soon for my next board to test the vesc-x with.