Any recommendations for trampa complete powerplant?


thank you some much man. I think im on the right path. just needed a little positive reinforcement. im going with alan to get everything set up electronic wise. i emailed back and forth with him earlier. I hadnt considered 12S5P? i was looking at 12S4P. I guessing its a little bit more range over the 12S4P?


you’re good, either way my brother and 12s4p is good! what matters the most is battery quality and the skill of the builder on a pack like this (not easy to do).

Cincinnati, especially around Clifton, features roadways that I can only describe as theoretical so you’ve absolutely made the right choice for Trampa HolyPro35 and a geared drivetrain (once you’re off of belts, it’s tough to go back).

Definitely suggest these tires and tubes; Trampa Primo Alphas are also very good.

I ride a Trampa eMTB complete with the Trampa Monster Box, personally :slight_smile:

my personal design. hope this helps!


Thanks for the kind words, good sir!


@danepoostain you certainly are on the right path.
Take your time to pull the trigger on the design you want. Always on good hands with @Eboosted.