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Another integrated deck project


It’s milled from a sheet of textolite.


Here are some pics of new wheel wells. I’m super happy with them! Riser is about 2mm less than bottom of the deck and still 90mm wheels have no problem. Couldn’t get a wheel bite with very loose trucks. Now I see that 100mm are very doable :smiley:


It looks super good :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:

EDIT : the wheelwells are beautifull, the profil is the same as a supercar !!!


+1! this is the one I want to build, outstanding design.


Have you a lid tease for us Luke? Textolite that’s an interesting choice over regular glassfiber, is there any material property that was really attractive or is this an available and fits the bill thing? Soviets used it in heat shield technology!

Another nice choice maybe basalt fiber but not sure how hard it is to get, really indestructible stuff, Trampa uses it as far as I can determine & they offer a lifetime guarantee on structure of their boards & Pele had fake hair made of the stuff


Until now is the price still around 150?


I have those lids ready. This is how it looks. I wanted to show it on painted deck but its not ready yet so here is a pic with raw after cnc.

@banjaxxed Tekstolite is strong material and widely available in Poland. Maybe it’s because we were under influence of Soviets for many years and learn how to use it? The thing I need is stiffness from 3mm thick material. Epoxy and glass fiber (also known as glass tekstolite or FR4 or G10 ). Might be better and I think I have found a good source for it. I’ll test that. Basalt is more exotic and Trampa deck are rather flexy so maybe not ideal for this application.

@Grozniy yes the no kicktail version is 150euro and kicktail will be a bit more because it’s bigger and I can have 2-3 board less from whole sheet of plywood compared to no kicktail version.

BTW. If any one have a good name for those two let me know. I would gladly stop to call them by a version :wink:


looks sick! is that the final color of the lid?


Who needs a name, sell them already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My entry for the naming contest!
“Heat shield”

Or ‘Re-entry’ hahahah


Poezja for the small one. Just take a polish word that sounds great with some meaning.
edit: If I were you I’d do the same with a german word, the world loves German words :smiley: Something like “Donnervogel” or “Mörderbrett” :smiley:
editedit: Theres a generator for everything: :sweat_smile:


Right of course no flex my bad!


@LukePL The Aster


Sorry but German for me is like… :smiley:

Only time I found it cool was a name of those big ass fighting robots in “Pacific Rim” movie - Jäger :wink: