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Aluminium decks?


any one selling aluminium decks ?

so far i’ve only known this company . .

and this video


That board looks sick !

DIYelectricskateboards also has a alu deck : product/37-aluminum-longboard-cruiser/


Back when I first started skating when I was a kid, some older guy brought one by the skate park once. It was a regular shaped skateboard deck, but made of aluminum. Neverr could find the company who made it.

Then a week ago, I did some research after my first cnc milled deck failed the durability test. A block of high quality aluminum big enough to cnc mill a deck out of was just over $2000 USD, so I gave up on that. I think the aluminum deck may just be unnecessary. They will cost you a fortune.


I’d like see someone use an alum deck on an e board. I have yet to see someone do it affordably


Beercan boards, they have some other shapes too.


I’ve owned an aluminum trick deck once when I was a kid. I believe the core was hollow. Super noisy when riding, and the razer tail on the board was kind of dangerous.


These guys make some nice boards.


Checkout they’re pretty awesome.


These guys too! He’s an ebay seller:


I own a ThreeSix and I assure you its awesome. The board is stiff as hell and really not that heavy. The concave is deep but the width of the board makes it comfortable. The only thing that sucks is having to talk to people about it multiple times a day because its such an attention grabber.


Id hate that much attention.


not long enough . i need at least 41" . and i’m looking for some where near singapore . u.s.a products are good quality , yes . like everyone else . we always look for most cheapest , nearest one we can get our hands on ; )


you guys are truly informative and resourceful . thanks alot :snowboarder:


I guess you guys didn’t see my thread. New Build, Enertion Dual Drive, VESC, Member Built Mounts, Space Cell



no i havent actually!

Very cool thread thanks for sharing


I have a ton of miles on a billet Cindrich. Sick deck, stiff but bombproof. Run over by car twice . His newer designs are rediculous, highly recommended!