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All New Flywheel / Kegel Modular Pulley System Available Now!


I’m assuming your using surfrodz and in that case I would use two separate bearing as your not tight on axle space


Ya, thats my plan. Gonna experiment once i get them in-hand.


@FalconNL this is the new topic

Yes, they work with Otang Caguma’s!


I was planning to use with surf-rodz also. I found a 10mm wide bearing for surfods. If I use a 10mm wide bearing instead of 11mm, is the an issue with that, or could the slack be taken up with a speed ring?


For surfrodz I would just use two separate bearings as you are not short on axle space


Has any body gotten a tracking # for there order yet :thinking:


Bolts are on the way… I should have them Friday or Saturday and get you guys the pulleys asap.


Well thank you very much for the update :ok_hand:t3: Can’t Waite to get them


Sweet… Today or tomorrow for ship date?? Time to get my build together.