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Alien drive system motor mount


Hi, I’m looking for ADS mootor mount users, I was wondering if the 15mm belt mod required some modification on the trucks ?
Are you satisfied with the 15x32T pulley ratio they offer ?
Also do you know other motor mounts providers than Enertion, DIY, Psychotiller, ADS ?


At DIY, we offer 13T/16T w/ 36T for 12mm width belts. 12mm seems more then adequate. You might be able to fit 15mm but it runs close with a dual rear setup. We will have 40T and 18T available in the future.


TQ do you have any 12mm 36T pulleys in stock?


@nngg yeah we do have them in stock.


Do you provide a keyway with your kits ?


@crameur - Keyway’s typically come with the motor. I don’t send the pulleys out with keyway.


Enertion Pulleys come with the keyway slot & Key


Yeah but I am encountering issues paying on your website. I would have liked to order from you


use paypal, ive been recieving orders today.


I can’t link my credit card to paypal :frowning:
If you could offer me a solution to pay with my credit card without using paypal I’d be happy to.


sorry we only have the paypal payments system at this point