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ABS sheets in Europe?


Hey, someone knows a reliable source for ABS sheets in EU?


I’ve ordered from az-reptec in Germany via Amazon. Quick delivery and all good.


How much do you need?
The plastics shop, righton, Amari plastics are a few suppliers. eBay may be better for small quantities.
All uk suppliers.


no good, they don’t even ship to me-.-
ebay is the best i could find so far.


Strange. @Nordle, where are you located?

They did ship from Germany to Switzerland and the shipping wasn’t even terribly expensive.


Italy, everything i found on amazon.it is shit, and everything else doesn’t ship :confused: but i order a lot from amazon.de i know they’re shipping some things to austria and switzerland which they don’t ship to others (maybe cause they’re same language?).
I don’t need much atm, just going to order a bit from ebay. But if anyone has cheaper/better source i’m open.


I got mine from http://kunststofshop.nl/index.php?item=abs-plaat-zwart-eenzijde-fijne-nerf-structuur---op_op–1297x392x2_8mm&action=article&group_id=10000103&aid=5358&lang=nl

And also from rs components.


Maybe you search for “Graupner ABS”. It seems pretty cheap for amazon.de


Modulor in Germany has cheap polystyrol sheets:


ok thx for the tips, graupner from amazon doesn’t ship to italy:/ would be great for just one piece.
i totally forgot rs-components^^