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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8




Thank you all for sharing , this has been therapeutic.



Yours is pink and your girl’s is hummie?



Maybe someone wants to trade GF to project or gear drive? :smiley: Feeling lonely over here :smiley:


When the loved ones don’t approve esk8 buying addiction


I am always worried about this when letting people try it out. One fall before they fall in love with it and they see the light can ruin everything for them.


Only if is made out of gooooold


We change our Paypal password and say,

“Damn this thing, it always drops my PW and it is SUCH a PITA to reset!”


Funny you mention this my EX thought anyone over 30 who skateboards was a pedo!!!

The years with her were the only years I didn’t skate since I was 11… Never again :smile:


Thats awesome dude lucky you and good job making sure she had the helmet


Thanks man! I definitely don’t take her for granted.

We made it a house rule that we never hop on a board without a helmet. Even if we are just riding down the street. I’d like to get her some good gloves with wrist protection. That would be the next piece of protection that she is missing.


My wife doesnt want to step on it because she thinks she will break any of my boards. I built my niece a regular longboard though and she loves it.


Someone make those wheels with an abec
hub please.




I thought I was the only one! Used ford transit 250 with some shelves would be SWEET!


‎ Passion


I would add some kind of rack on the roof for lumber. I prefer that kind of utility vehicle over a pick up, they look nice and are powerful but you can’t carry much in them.


@E1Allen please note