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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8


Maybe she ment to hit up @MoeStooge haha


Girlfriend was not a big fan, until I start pushing her on the bike every morning to work.
That way she don’t arrive sweating, and I got to enjoy the ride home since we don’t come back at the same time.

You should try, put her on a bike, put your back hand on her back and push gently, she will suddenly like your eboard.


Its the opposite when your are on a normal longboard

Where the bike pulls you instead


And GF definitely likes better the version where I push her, instead of her pulling me!


Wow. This is almost verbatim what I hear. If only they knew I learn 3x as much from building boards and actually building things than I do sitting through meaningless classes.


This is fucking gold right here!! Would this be…hendo, nv hahahhh



Thanks for lookin out @Mikenopolis. Honestly, places like this and the abandoned water park are cool for the environment and the experience. But after you do it once it’s not something I’d want to do again. I still have to try the underground tunnels. But, the abandoned waterpark I’d probably never do again unless i was with friend.


Man…I’m honestly, so glad that someone created this thread because I really never thought anyone else had this issue. My wife encourages my esk8 hobby. I actually would like her to come on rides with me but she’s has balance challenges :sweat_smile:.

Anyhow, I’d say that once a quarter we get in a fight about my obsession with esk8. I’ve read many of these chat threads above between them and there significant others and they all look so familiar.

Weather I’m on the forums, facebook, instagram, reddit, or making youtube videos, it’s all about esk8 :nerd_face:. Glad, i’m not all alone on this one.



Haha, this sounds familiar @skunk. It’s like as fathers and husbands we need to be present. and the only time we can really work on stuff is if they’re not home or asleep.


I feel like it starts out as a hobby. but with a certain obsession it becomes a lifestyle and/or sport. :slight_smile:


i would say for some of us it´s a TOOL not a toy :wink:



Absolutely! :laughing:


Is driving the minivan your hobby?


I’m a weirdo. I actually love minivans. Even as a kid, every annual car show I spend a lot of time with the vans. If they weren’t so damn expensive and inefficient I’d get one just to make it into a mobile workshop


That’s me right there. My commute is 4km a day, and my board is specced to go 7km full tilt. Done.

I’d like more range, just sayin.


Meanwhile in japan.


I’m thinking more like a commercial van.

Wife would probably want space for her shoes though