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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8


I went with Joe (SoCalLegend) and Eric (Shredlights) to ride the graffiti tunnel in Vegas. He didn’t warn me there were huge rocks, puddles, and rats at certain parts. Almost ate in when a huge rat ran across my path, most of the tunnel is clear, but it starts off with some large debris @nmagz3 be careful when you decide to go, bring bright lights… Also, I refuse to ride my board through storm drain/gutter water, so I had to pick up my board and jump across the water.


It is a bigger risk to your health to sit in an office job you hate as a 30 something Grownup


But if you get to esk8 before and after work and on your lunch break, is it so bad?


Naw, that exactly what I’m doing right now. Lunch esk8 ftw!


I feel lucky. My girlfriend rides with me! So much fun to cruise and talk. Beats Netflix for sure!


Cruise and chill and even do some exercise :sunglasses:


I got an eskate to avoid exercise while skating. I usually get some exercise afterward though… :wink:


those buns burn dont they :rofl:



And funny I got this the other day on my phone hahahh


I see what you did there, scroll down damn it.


I am 48 and loving every minute of it. Have one MBS mountainboard and finishing up my holypro 35 mountainboard. I’m like a kid again.


Ask her if she wants to skate… if you don’t, we all have her number now… Jkjk


Don’t ever forget this!


hahahahaha lol funniest thread of them all but the truth… I liked almost everything

  • My wife doesn’t approve. She said we can buy a lot of diapers with the money.
  • My wife said she likes ESK8 compared to fixing up my hobby cars!


I thought your name was Michael? :thinking:


Bingo …


“If only you were as passionate in school are you are with your ScOoTeRs”
One more fucking person calls my board a scooter and Im gonna flip shit


Hey man, can I see pictures of your scooter?


My girlfriend has her own board but shes begging for a new battery and two vescs lol


That’s a keeper
Make her sell all her unnecessary clothes, shoes, bags and then she can get more parts for esk8 :rofl: