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A Bisek in North America



I like how everyone claims “our” like they built these boards themselves though lol


No helmet? Taking first ride ever in the middle of traffic?


Doe’s this guy sell door to door vacuum cleaners during the week?


Don’t worry he is bigger than the car :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I’ve got some problems with my hearing …this dude said he is doing 29km distance on this tiny battery ???


Anyone noticed that his shirt says “Raptors” ? LOL :smile:


It is funny when you get the impression a “CEO” of an esk8 business has less knowledge about the subject than you.




Almost comedy. You can have front weel drive :wink:


I was trying to get a sample shipped to me, Bisek factory now saying they aren’t taking on anymore new retailers due to the inability to produce enough cf decks.


I’m really starting to like this dude

I think he should have his own reality show…


How much is he selling these hoverboards for.


before u know it, hes running for president lol


Confuses facts with opinion. Check
Talks out of his a.ss. Check
"business man" check
No idea and no practice in politics. Check

Carefull what you wish for. Even though a part of me is like: fuq it lets do it, lets se how bad shit really gets with trump :slight_smile: