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8S BMS capable of handling 13500mAh capacity?


Does anyone know if this BMS is capable of handing 8S3P 13500 mAh Basen IMR 26650 li-ion battery pack? thanks


Those are a reputable brand and 60a should be good.
The mah doesn’t really matter. Its the discharge rate that matters.
Better to have the discharge rate of the batteries higher than the bms
And the bms higher than the demand of the ESC’s and motors
The demand is going to depend on Rider weight, riding style and terrain


thanks for the explanation!


The problem with Supower is there shipping is expensive and very slow. I tried to buy from them though eBay and my shipment got stuck at customs and sent back to them. Ended up getting a refund.
Bestech makes a better Bms with a built in power switch and more Fet’s with heat sinks. there 80a cont bms can handle peaks as high as 240a.
They don’t sell on eBay but you can email them and buy direct. there shipping is fast and reasonable.