8s 4p battery diagram


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do you know how to make a pack like the one above except two separate packs of 8s 2p side by side and connected in series to make an 8s4p pack connected with balance connectors?


the one below i made with some help from delta


Anyone have one similar to a SpaceCell PRO 10S4P configuration? planning on soldering my own pack soon. Thanks!


Make your own configuration! That’s half the fun.


i believe i saw it somewhere on here type it in


Haha i dont know about fun but there is some satisfaction in doing it by yourself. You wouldnt know how to fold this diagram would u tho?


What do you mean “fold”?


so in the diagram with the red cells i want to fold it in half basically to fit the end of my board so its not affected by my dec flex


I’m assuming you’re wondering how to handle the top blue bar series connection? You would just solder on the series connection when the 2 packs are stacked on each other, don’t use one long strip/rod to connect both parallel cells.


haha yes thats what i was wondering thanks im gonna get started tmrw after i pick up some rod from home depot


be careful not to damage the cells with excess heat if you plan on soldering the rods to the cells. More than a couple seconds of contact on the cell is too much.


i figuered 4 seconds?


I’d ask someone with more experience on it, haven’t done it myself. Chaka recommended using a 85w+ soldering iron


So are you aiming for two separate packs of 8S2P to then be connected in parallel?


mines 150 watts and i was told not to use the tip but the side for better heat distribution


yea but im woring with copper rod so it wont be as easy as a spotwelder


Yeah, i do the same.

So you need help with the configuration?


yea i could share the doc as im working in google drawings to make it


@willpark16 What soldering station do you have?