Buy FOCBOX Unity

6 Focbox For Sale, Brand New [gone]


Located in US. 140 shipped each, pm if interested


Please post pictures


Do you also know the hw version of them?
Already 1.7?


How do I check if it’s 1.7? Hw


It’s written on the pcb.
If it was from the last two batches it is 1.7 for sure.
The 1.7 doesn’t have the CAN disconnect and one box is fried issues anymore, so nice to know if yes or no :sweat_smile:



…and if is not v 1.7 ? What then?


dont rip out the CAN cable when powered on :smiley:
Or atleast I think thats why people have faults. I never had it happen on the vesc6


as easy as this :point_up: @pixelsilva


I’m only using Can High and Can low leads, so maybe thats why I havnt fried anything :slight_smile:


In the blue. Don’t know what you guys are talking about.


you asked what to do if they not V1.7.
We basically just said, that still everything would be good.
just don´t disconnect the CAN while the focboxes are powerd on.


Ok that. But version wise… is there any difference with firmware or the use of BLDC tool?


Should always update your vescs to latest firmware. I cant speak for hardware verisions in the FOCbox but firmware is just a click of a button in vesctool


shouldn´t be any difference.
as far as i know even the last sold focboxes still used a 2.xx firmware and the bldc tool only.
if you wanted to use VESC tool you needed to update the firmware what enertion didn´t recommend (out of resons i don´t know) and that would void warranty too.


What warranty? From Jason :rofl: :rofl: ? For that little suppository, sending it half across the globe to antartica?? :rofl: I wouln’t waste my time and energies with such a lilliput divice worth peanuts to look for mere warranties from a pseudo-company at the end of the world. People should stop being so serious about these things. :roll_eyes: I bought mine I don’t remember from whom (?? - I thing was this guy from Minneapolis) so warranty doesn’t matter anyhow.


Anywho if anyone interested. :joy:


You good man? Wow.
Everyone else, Latest focboxes possibly last focboxes. Good price.
ps they update with the latest firmware just fine and run vesc tool absolutely 100%
Fuck pixel, unnecessary on a sales thread dude.


…je…je…:rofl: :smiling_imp:


I think price is fine, thou. :+1: