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4mm bullet connectors


Hi! Are those 4mm bullet connectors on sk3 motors are o.k. or i need to resolder them to 5,5mm ones?


I use them … Not as heavy duty at the 5.5mm. 4mm def more likey to disconnect if they are pulled


Work fine. I usually swap to 4mm on my VESC’s since most motors are 4mm. Easier than messing with the motor wires. On my R-Spec motors - i’ll swap to the 5.5mm on VESC similarly instead of cutting the wires and putting 4mm on.

Securing them w/ some heat shrink or tape is always a good idea.


o.k. then i order 4mm ones for my vesc since motor have 4mm connectors!


Like mike said 4mms are easier to disconnect with road vibrations, i find my self connecting them oftem im changing it to 5.5mms


I had same issue with 4mm banana connectors. They kept trying to come apart. If you use them, I’d recommend covering the connection with shrink tube.
I wound up switching to 5.5 mm bullets. Solid connection and possibly less electrical resistance.


I don’t know if it just me, but I had a very hard time soldering 4 mm bullets to 12 AWG wires, because the wires are big and the bullets are small. What I eventually end up doing is removing some of the wire strands. soldering 5.5 bullets will be much easier for me.


Are u sure the wires were 12awg in my build ive solder 4mm to 10awg yes wires were big but doable


They were the motor phase wires of the VESC. Maybe I don’t know how to put things into stuff.


I have no problems with any of my 4mm bullet connectors.
used them on all my builds… and they are free!


Yeah! I will go for 5,5mm bullets