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$40 Surfrodz TKP Motor Mount - Global


I’m in for x2


Hell yeah.
All the things in January. Happy birthday to me


I’ll take a lil wheeled surf rod tkp gear drive :exploding_head:… no one around has done it yet… :money_mouth_face:.
and mix this with a Powell Peralta flight tech old school pool deck

Sorry for de railing @moon


Well I can use the same clamp for belt drives and gear drives so no issues there. Just a matter of buying custom gears and testing :grinning:


Sweet. This would be amazing


Gonna go get that deck and do it first lol. Got the tkp


Testing bit is emphasized since 3 gears aren’t standard

But I changed a few things since then and it removes another part that needed to be made


That will be a sick set up been thinking all summer on a sweet lil build I have a master chow 13 inch enclosure and I have that deck at my friend’s shop just thinking how to go about the build … I’m not a huge fan of belts. I have carbon exo drives but the wheels will be to big for it … need to stay in the 85mm Max range


Im interested!


Great… they are getting made whenever Brent’s friend’s uncle gets the time :rofl:


Hold your breath boys but not too hard. He’s currently welding a crane arm.


I’m in :slight_smile:


If it’s not too late I would like 2 mounts


Not late at all :slight_smile:

Still waiting for them to get made, no upfront money required, not exactly a group buy


Are these mounts made yet? Just about to make a set so ready made would save me a lot of time…


Nope kinda got discouraged when @Boardnamics announced his. I can get some sent over if possible? What do you think kevin?


Still want yours. These are sexy.


Can I buy the CAD model? Strictly personal use!!


You can go wild here


Thanks for that! Could really do with some sort of “like bomb” for moments like this…