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$40 Surfrodz TKP Motor Mount - Global


Hey, just gauging interest for Surfrodz TKP motor mounts.

Here is the design, courtesy of @akhlut

It uses idlers but I need to figure out the belt length needed.

Getting quotes at the moment but you will be getting a good deal. Just need to know how many pieces to machine before I get a concrete price.

Shipping to anywhere in the world but europe is best!

Are you interested?


Maybe you are interested?

What's under the hood?

I’m ok thanks bud.


He might be intrested


I’d be intrested in the mounts.


Your names confuse me but great.

I think @skunk wanted 2 sets

And maybe @Grozniy

And I’ve made a smaller version for those who don’t want idlers


Two sets would be great. all depends on the price. One at least


Ok, I told you a rough price over pm :wink:


Younger bro - couldnt stop riding mine so I told him to get his ass on the esk8 fourm and build one.


I’ve been self medicating a bit lol


Bump, theres some interest, enough to go ahead

Around $80 a set btw


Final rendering?


In the process, busy with the kegel core wheel


won’t for RKP SR will they? @moon


No :frowning:

I can maybe make one though


Well count me in if you do 110%. No pressure… lol


There was a group buy for the clamp only but it looked like that’s closed and there were 18 sets in the end. Maybe other people missed out and I can do it. I will read the other thread and see what’s up

I’ll take a look in the morning


Bump, probably accept orders in January


Too drunk but yes


Lol nice, it’s TKP btw


Cool o thought I was seeing double edges TKP thank god