$4.20 a Cell - Samsung 30Q cells and battery build service

Or you could modularize it so that you connect a charge port with an xt30

correct, this is how mine are built.

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Price for just one battery shipped? Might use it in my LED kit.

Shipped where?

If US, $7 shipped.

Can you confirm the total length of a fully assembled pack with BMS service of a 10s 3p and 4p pack. Trying to decipher between the two options.

sure thing.

take the length of each cell: (65mm) + width (18mm) + (height (18mm) + 2mm pcb thickness).

multiply by 3p (3 * 18mm) or 4p (4 * 18mm).

multiply that by (S count / 2) to get length, and 2 * 65mm to get width.


1s3p module is 65 x 55 x 20mm
1s4p module is 65 x 72 x 20mm

putting it together

10s3p - 270 x 140 x 20mm (10.6 x 5.5 x 1")
10s4p - 360 x 140 x 20mm (14.25 x 5.5 x 1")

then on top of that add 5 to 10% additioal to each length so it’s a nice easy fit inside your enclosure.

it’s up to you where to place the bms.

i’ll add this to the product description.



Where do you place the BMS when I purchase the BMS install package?

i don’t place it anywhere, it’ll just be included in the package.

it’ll be wired so you can connect it to the pack, but it’ll be up to you where in your enclosure to mount it.

i don’t like mounting to the pack because it heats up.

i usually mount it next to the pack, like here


but to answer you quesiton more accurately, the bms install service is just a install service, as in wiring up the balance leads, and wiring up the bms for pack connection.


Is it possible to ship to Finland or is it to expensive?

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yes, it would be very expensive. shipping cost goes up very quickly when the weight does.

but what you can do is source the cells locally.

then i can sell you the remainder of the parts, ie pcb, bms, copper strand, pvc wrap, etc… these things are light, i just got a quote for pcb + bms + nickel strip shipped to EU for about $25.

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What are the dimensions of the BMS?

75 x 65 x 8mm


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So… When will you get the 12s bestech bms back? I’m currently looking around for battery builders for my 12s4p setup.

two weeks from today.

but…i miscounted, got two on hand right now.

if you’re still on the fence about you order, go ahead and just order the 12s bms for now, and when you’re ready i can refund you the bms so you can then reorder with the full battery order. if you’d like.

I’m not in a hurry. Hummie’s deck hasn’t been shipped yet. Last time I heard, ETA is around Jan 'ish.

90% parts for my build have been ordered. I’m only missing battery and some connectors. Battery will be the last to order since I don’t want it to sit here for a few weeks while waiting for my parts to arrive especially the deck. That will take the longest.

I will most definitely let you know!


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Since everyone’s doing sales right now, offering up 30Q cells at $3.90 a piece.

Probably only for today and tomorrow so stock up now…

Do you ship to The Netherlands? (PLEASE say you do!)

I really want such a pack as you offer but I don’t have a spotwelder and the expertise to build one.

@thisguyhere any plans to grab some 13s BMSs? I would love one.

sadly no plans for 13s right modules right now, sorry.

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