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3DServisas Trampa | Trampa Holy Pro | 8085 170KV 6kW | FatBoy SS 1:5 Gear Drive | 12S 10P 30Q 30Ah | Dual FocBox



just orderd my spikes and wheels for the winter :wink:
interested how your options will look in the end


No, on snow, they’re pretty locked, I was supprise they don’t drift or burn to much, but no. On ice, it should be another story.
I ride low pressure :wink:

But you need, special gear, its like riding under watter :smile:


…makes me think if not better to get 9" too…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
i´m prepairing everything for my submarine right now :wink:


If you go 9" for real hard off-road terrain, maybe the MBS is even better (bigger, wider, extreme tire pattern vs primo striker) but I love those Striker so much since almost 4 years, they are really often used on my build for all road-terrain !


the thing holding me back from 9" at the moment is the hub.
all my hardware fit to suberstar or hypa hubs only.
for 9" i would need to change that too.


Yeah, I see,… I’m on the same issues with the e-toxx kit :blush: maybe one day Kug3 will do more than one set of 9" rim… But it look complicated. Don’t really understand why it changes, I lost the thread.
I’m looking to how (and How Much) I could get a set of 10 alf rims by my machinist that I visited this afternoon ^^


hope you will get a good price :wink:


? We are making them, just this is first set of wheel hubs. It’s complicated as wheel hub is big and wider than normal wheel hubs. so modifications were made.

@Andy87 these hubs accept superstar based mountings so trampa/etoxx/FatBoy gear drives and pulleys would fit without issues. Rear wheels are the same ET and front will not need spacer :slight_smile:


what you mean with same ET?

I know that your rims fit the superstar and that´s good, but
the fact that they made out of 100% allu makes them not really cheap :sweat_smile:


That wheel hub mounting side will be the same distance from side of wheel otherwise it would be too deep and no mount would reach out of wheel. You can see difference in mount side and road side

EDIT: the difference is because this wheel hub is much wider than superstar one.


:open_mouth: … was waiting for your response since 10 days mate !! Wan’t loose time, so I loose more remade mine from the FlowSnake :smile: But I’m far far from the good work…

Ok, thanks for clarifying this. So we could set them reserve to if wanted?
But … how it work for quattro so ??


yap quattro here too!


Man you need to improve your english I am not understanding everything :smiley: If you need 4 wheels with same ET as rear wheels its not problem.

There will be a group buy or etc haven’t figured out yet and later on will be made on demand only.


For what ?? I’m perfectly understood if you make your part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , like when I come to Bristol and ask a beer at a pub ! Everybody loves my Franglish accent :rofl: and even a child could easily understand me so why you don’t ?.. ha I know, yet my writing style is very bad…

But please asks me when you guess to don’t understand !! I’m not English, and I don’t leave an English country, so don’t hesitate to ask clarification about an order or custom thing that are important!
What do you don’t understand ??

Ok, so it’s not started and will not until some more times? GB will take even more.
You maybe got an idea if it’s going to be before Xmas?
What is the estimated price of your 9" set ?

I will let you know what I could get in Frankia,… I would like to know what you think guys :slight_smile: but I’m not confident, with the high cost here and time it will take for a set of 5 wheels … Plus my 3D model isn’t really ready.


Man… :laughing: It will be like more collect people who want and then make it in one go not make them one by one… As machine setup and etc takes time and etc. It will happen probably next week or etc and it will be made in a week too.


I like the etc. part :joy:


:rofl: super clear

Hope to get more precise informations this afternoon !!


So our motors with some problems arrived but now I can see that 80100 fits without issues but on this board only 8085 will go :wink:


So why go with 80xx instead of the “traditional” 63xx? And if the 100’s fit, why still choose to go with 85? (sorry for the noob questions, just trying to understand!)


This board is for my father he is complete beginner so to give some breathing room I thought that 8085 would suffice as this will be full off road and rare on streets board :wink:

I am chose 80100 just so that motors wouldn’t overheat too much in summer :wink: I would be running only half of its current capacity.