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3DServisas Trampa | Trampa Holy Pro | 8085 170KV 6kW | FatBoy SS 1:5 Gear Drive | 12S 10P 30Q 30Ah | Dual FocBox



I’ll still manage to brick them trust me. Its a talent.


Well FocBox are not bullet proof, some simple rules don’t run CAN and disconnect one focbox from power :slight_smile: if you using CAN and Y splitter for XT connectors zip tie them together so that unintentionally you will never unplug them. Grab our heatsink for better cooling :slight_smile: that’s basically all.


Already been down the fried can bus chip road my friend. Nipped them out and they seem to be back in the land of the living. I use ppm split and sometimes twin receivers in my builds now. The next one will have a bluetooth module so I will venture down the can bus route again but with much more knowledge this time. Everything will be glued tied and secure trust me.


As this is pure off road board it will be using 9" tires with our FatBoy wheel hubs. They are much wider and uses ETA offset to push wheel outside :drooling_face: @banjaxxed


Hey @Kug3lis awsesome build man …your stuff is awesome man…great job…I’m looking into building a mini Trumpa gear drive and your the only bad man that has a kit for it … and I was also wondering if you have more of those red cases for a mini kit…RED LOVE IT…and I live in Canada so I don’t have a vertigo hanger yet…NOT EASY…and it very expenssive to ship back and forth from each other so I’m wondering if you have a easier way of me getting a hanger to you for the work to be done…maybe you have a new or used hanger I’ll buy them…:wink:… .im looking for the red and black mini truck…but any colour is fine as I can paint them…I was gonna ask you about doing the gear drive in red and couple days ago and love seeing this for your pops…


Hey @Frenchy regarding hanger you can buy from trampa and specify our address that way we will get them modify and ship it together for you :slight_smile:

Regarding red casing it’s possible but it would take some time to make :wink: So if you interest head to shop buy 1:3 mini kit, I will send you address where to order hanger and will start making the enclosure from red plastic :slight_smile:


Thank you sir…I’ll be getting in touch with you pm soon for the address for Trumpa to send to you.im gonna pick your brain on some things on a build I’m planning as your well into one already and thank you for your time and help im excited to get your gear drive from you…cheers


Received anodized parts for gear drive and it looks sick… Can’t wait to receive mine along with 80100 motors :stuck_out_tongue:


Mounted drives on the board and it looks sick :slight_smile: Ordered motors from APS


So my father spending this evening reassembling the whole board from scratch and found some issues… @trampa again your order assembler missed a lot of stuff from order… Not a single washer was present in the whole kit, no speed rings for wheels, no washers for bindings mountings and a lot of other stuff.

Good thing he has a whole collection of mounting hardware so it wasn’t an issue but it’s not the first time this happens… I still want my black springs… I hate those red ones :anger:

Also, this is Trampa SuperStar brand new wheel hub which was never ridden. Did some measurements using precise CNC tools and results are shocking: wheel hub is not even round…

Image result for welp meme

Swapped to black FatBoy’s hub and this is the difference :slight_smile:

Welp probably time to change camps…


Looks like a pretty standard superstar wheel to me zzzZzzZz…

All mine, is doing the exact same thing :frowning: plus, loose bearings


Yes, that’s really annoying …
Order a complete deck, and get no speedring, no spacer in the wheel (between bearing), got a wrong full set of screws in M6 !?!.. Or the deck need M5 one for the trucks to deck … arg
You order white stuff they ship grey one just cause they didn’t get the good color, didn’t care about the customer choice …
Yes, they ship super fast but … I prefer to get the good order with all what I choose and in one shot.
But I guess all shop is the same, with little trouble due to the human being.


The tires themselves are unbalanced and probably the worst offenders when it comes to adding vibration to any mountain board.

Factors that have an influence on wobbles would be tire pressure and dumb luck (pressing the tire one way or another prior to full inflation has an impact on how balanced they are). I can inflate a tire and have a different result each single time on the same hub. Oh, and no single tire is identical.

To keep it short, you’d have to post a comparison video with just the hubs for a fair comparison, though I don’t doubt the inaccuracies you have measured.


Another small update:

Machined hubs for front truck to mount mud guards with integrated spacer for front wheels :blush:


Some progress :wink:


So some updated with wheels for this board :wink: 9" Wheels are ready for winter


ready? where !? :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t know if you gonna love it as I love riding those fat guys but you gonna win some real comfort!
More than 50kmh on the flat road start checking a bit but I guess in London you gonna inflate them to the max.


Ready for this board :smiley:

This is not for London, it’s for my home country Lithuania… Snow, Ice, Frozen lakes, forests and more stuff :slight_smile:


you not worry they will slip too much on ice and snow?


Well some modifications for the tires coming too :slight_smile: Like spikes + chains and etc :smiley: