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3DServisas Trampa | Trampa Holy Pro | 8085 170KV 6kW | FatBoy SS 1:5 Gear Drive | 12S 10P 30Q 30Ah | Dual FocBox



So @3DServisas (my father) decided that he wants a Trampa board. As @3DServisas is busy working I will be maintaining this project log for him. So this project log will be I think the cleanest project I have ever seen as almost all components will be built from scratch.

Some key features:

  • Trampa 35º Holy Pro Deck
  • Trampa Vertigo Trucks
  • FatBoy SS 1:5 Gear Drive
  • 9"/8" Wheels with FatBoy Solid Wheel Hubs
  • 12S 10P 30Q 30Ah 150A Battery pack with custom CNC machined enclosure integrated BMS, FatBoy Mini Sparky Switch, Battery Gauge and etc
  • Smart Rear lights, RGB string lights, Front Lights
  • 2 x Enertion FocBox with custom waterproof enclosure
  • Enertion Nano-X

I will be posting all the pictures I receive for this build here.

So some Trampa parts arrived today:

Gear Drive on the hanger

Battery case for 12S 10P 30Q still in making

Still waiting APS to have 8085 motors back in stock so at the moment will be using 6374.


I’ll think your father will be happy with that build. Looks great!


That battery case tho… really cool
Is this a sign that we will be seeing compression packs from @3DServisas ?


I expected nothing less in terms of quality for @3DServisas :smile:


It’s not compression, its just enclosure, everything will be welded in old school way :slight_smile: Just to make sure that cells stays in place are isolated and water proof :slight_smile: About availability I don’t really yet know :slight_smile:


Nice cell holders, lot s of machining time right? Or you can push really fast since it’s not metal?

And the black piece is a gasket for a transparent lid?


Well plastic is like butter to cut compared to aluminum. Yes, black piece is gasket for the lid I don’t think it will be transparent maybe even from aluminum for mounting all regulators and as :slight_smile:


12s 10p 80 85"s 6 kw!!! You’re going to kill your own father. Legend!!
fully bookmarked!


I was saying get first 6374 but he insisted its more for country side offroad, forest, winter snow and etc :slight_smile:

With 9" tires its almost 6cm ground clearance so soo good for offroad :blush:


Let me guess, your Dad used to do all kinds of crazy adventure sports? Oh and this build is bigger and better than yours?


He has done some hardcore ATV with polaris through the mud and forest and etc so I think this will be fun too :slight_smile: Well I will be trying to fit 80100 on mine… Mine is bit on practical side I made from available parts :slight_smile: This project probably include everything custom made so I think this would better than production level product :drooling_face:


sounds like you’re just as eager to “test” it once its all put together :laughing:


Don’t have any doubt on that score. Definitely better than anything production. How are you getting the focboxes to handle that battery? Would have thought 6 at the least or even a couple of arcs?


Well mine will have the same drive, but different motors and mine are on lipos :slight_smile:

Well, battery will be just enough for two focboxes :wink: 150A so can run like 75A bat amps on focbox :slight_smile:

What do you mean?


Yeah I’d have thought your builds would have the latest tech from the shop :sunglasses: Perks of running an awesome business like that!


Well I was thinking about doing more off road stuff so the new drive will be perfect for it :slight_smile:


Vesc 6 or those arc 200 that are being beta tested right now by everyone called mike. 75amps on a focbox. Thats awesome.


Ahh now I understood :slight_smile: VESC6 uses same mosfets as focbox so not much different power capabilities :slight_smile: About the arc I don’t really know yet anything plus its bit too expensive…

Also on my focboxes I am running ±90A Bat and it holds up well :slight_smile: ESK8 doesnt see much constant loads so you get those high currents for several seconds max :slight_smile:


They are pricey. Here was me worrying about running 12s 4p through my focboxes. I can now sleep again thanks :laughing:


Well my focboxes run on 12S 3P 18Ah 65C lipos so compared to current capacity to 18650 its like 8 times more than 12s10p but that’s on paper :smiley: So your 12s4p is like simple pack :slight_smile: