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3D Printables for ESkate


You’re all lovely people!


You think there is a way to modify this to it would work to line up and spot weld with the 18650 PCBs?




maybe this?


It’s 's project but I think it fits the category. :smile:


I finally got around to not being lazy and uploaded my parts if anyone is interested.

and these next two might have been posted elsewhere in the past but to consolidate things here, here they are again:


Thanks interested in steering stabilizer, few quid cheaper here I think


I just started printing with 1.2mm nozzle on my Hangprinter V3 (printed and built it myself. Jesus, the parts coming of it is incredibly strong, only at a single perimeter and no infill I can
even sit on them! What printer are you using, material and how do you solve the cooling issue? I am having problem with not cooling down the part fast enough.


I just have a cheap cartesian printer (Tevo Tarantula) but now heavily modified.

I had issues with cooling too, even with small parts and a 0.8 nozzle. I have dual blowers which are good for big parts. Lots of pics of my 0.8mm nozzle parts here: Soldered bullet connectors on to VESC... what could possibly go wrong? :)

I think if you print about 25mm/s with 1.2mm nozzles then you might be ok. 35mm/s with 0.8mm nozzle is good resolution/quality.


Hey @mmaner I would like to make small changes to the modular pulley kit: Add space for stainless steel ring, adjust for my clones, 38T version,… Any chance I could have the step files? Would save me a lot of time not having to start from scratch. I understand if it’s not possible, it being your design of course.



Holy shit! 1.2mm??? Must be incredible fast with a volcano like heater on it.


You do technically have to slow your speed down a bit (~25mm/s), bit still fast.


And then go for an volcano hotend and go back to 50mm\s? :grimacing:


The 25mm/s was recommended with the Volcano. I haven’t played as much with the 1.2 as I have with the 0.8mm (35mm/s). I did go up to about 60mm/s with the 0.8mm, but the quality dropped a bit.

Also I was having issues with printing small parts with the 0.8mm and thought it was the speed. It wasn’t :).

So much learning to do. 0.8mm is good enough for me/the enclosures.


I use a Volcano with a hardened 0.6mm nozzle working pretty well and accurate at 45mm/s. Pretty quiet as well with TMC2100 step drivers

Currently printing @niuva enclosure


Has anyone used tough-pla? I’ve been told that it’s stronger than abs but keeps its rigidity. It would certainly be nice to not have to deal with warping like with abs or the stringing of petg.


PLA-CF blend. Never used but it’s tough for sure. I think it’s usually 10-20% CF


If you have CF in it then are you using a hardened steel nozzle?


All the test I’ve seen, cf impregnated filament is weaker than plain filament


It looks cool though, and that’s what really matters :grinning: