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2019 Esk8 convention?


Depending on where in Colorado, I work @ Dave and Busters and I’m sure we could get a deal for catering. Maybe closer to the date I could get a rough guesstamit on people and see what can be done.


Right now we all have to think we have a open blue sky… ideas will be abundant

We take them all in consideration and start focusing on the what we want the event(s) to accomplish. Not all gatherings need to be carbon copies of one another.

We are a group that thinks outside the box. I expect the ideas and suggestions to reflect that.


I’ve heard there are pretty good mtb trails in Colorado. Maybe there could be a group that could ride these?


@Lunasi already showed us a video of a beautiful trail there. Looks fun


I didn’t take a count in vegas of how many of us were riding pneumatics vs street wheels. But I’d guess it was around 50/50. I think having a vairiety of options is great. For example, some of us split up and went to the strip for a ride. Some of us didn’t want to ride the strip. It’s good to have a mix of options though so everyone can ride something.


Shouldn’t you be talking to me about this :thinking:


MakersFair is in my backyard Ive done some home shows there.


@Jinra haha, I remember the old days of posting meetups and you and I were the only ones that came out. Man it’s been a while. I’m working on a group ride board right now, parts on the way, I’ll meetup again as soon as it;s complete.


haven’t heard any ideals on fund raising. Are there any?


No one is excluded @Jinra my bad … lots of folks coming at me at the same time …


Of course a big part of the discussion


no problem, just saying since I founded BAESK8


Of course my brother… your contributions do not go unnoticed

I definitely respect you as much as the other old balls around here


Part of the point of rallying everyone. Need to build back up those connections and strengthen them within each core group. Those are the ones that will help push esk8 in 2019


cough. ew no :heart:


Hey, Europe is what we make it to be :slight_smile:
Stay tuned, we are thinking to make som awesome events now in the spring, so until then we just have go south man! :slight_smile:


I like that attitude :slight_smile:


I will attend,:sunglasses: represent CA.


Any way we can remotely help. i’m good with donations.