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200mm Trucks and 2 motor mounts available now!




Hey these look interesting. Is there more detail than in the website link? Trying to see the distance between the mount plates, if it expands that space enough to fit 6374s or something large. Have not found a way to mount Tacon Bigfoot 160 dual rear instead of dual diagonal


you should specify what length motors fit. Or even what brand motors fit because not all motors measure the same. And what about wheel pulley width? 12mm? 15mm? You really need work on presenting proper information for the products you want to sell.


I’ll measure the distance tonight. The tacon bigfoot 160 is a 6364 and will fit. 6374 motors need more like 220mm


Will do max! I’ll get right on doing all of the research for you. .haha


There is 140mm of space between my mounts on these trucks. Two 6365s will work. Bigfoots fit!


What’s the difference between the 60 & 66 ?
Can you fit 6355s with 15mm belts


6355 = 63mm diameter 55mm length
2 x 55mm length + slack < 140mm so PERFECT!


this looks super solid! the sleeve holds on the shaft and the hanger?


The drop down menu shows 3 packages but I’m unable to select other options on my phone


12mm or 9mm belts, yes.


Yup! 10 characters


Sorry about the mobile issue… you’ll have to use a computer or just tell me what you want in a message


With the 66, it is 6mm longer to accommodate reverse mounting your motors. The 60mm mount works primarily for mounting your motors in front of the truck and was designed shorter to be more compact and more aesthetic.


So what all comes with it? Front truck and gears


both trucks, mounts and mount hardware.

I do have pulleys, motor pulleys and belts too, I just don’t have them on the site yet


So is that no room for 15mm or you don’t have any in stock


No room for 15mm. Unless you Mount the plate like this. Then you can do 15mm, but it will limit how much motor space you have. You don’t need more than 9mm belts on dual setups though.