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2 X Focbox | unused and brand new with warranty | UK only


I’ve got 2 that arrived a few days ago brand new and haven’t been used. They have a one year warranty purchased from enertion. I paid £260 all together and would like the same back. Free postage to UK address! Payment through PayPal is prefered! :slight_smile:


It is possible to transfer the warranty?


@DaniRc I would normally say yes as with any other products I normally purchase a warranty reciept is sent as well however I’m not sure how enertion does this so I would have to check! Thanks for bringing this up! If not then I will adjust the price accordingly! :slight_smile:


Let me know when yo know it


@CarlCollins works for enertion


@DaniRC will do! Unless someone on here replies sooner who knows as @moon mentioned, then I’ll let you know when I here back directly from enertion :slight_smile:


Maybe @CarlCollins could help you


@onloop Jason


Warranty is not transferable, already asked its only on the Raptor board.

Thats what he told me.


@Lumaci Thanks for the info! I’ll adjust the price for you all!


Warranty is only transferable for Raptor 2 or 2.1 order (when it’s at pre-order status)


What’s the reason you can’t transfer warranty ?


I’ve emailed the support team and asked what they do in terms of returns and refunds, I know they also do store credit but preferably I’d like to get back what I paid for it! If they can only refund excluding warranty then I will set the price for everyone on here. However if they can refund me the full amount then I would probably go that route! Sorry to anyone for the confusion! I’ll keep this post updated!