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15mm Wide Pulley Kits and Individual Parts (Wheel Pulley, Motor Pulley, Belts, and Hardware)



ya trust me i have both… i really hate myself the knock-offs are bad as fuuu


Going to see if I can halt the shipment. @johnny_261 do you have them in stock?


Of course! Send me a PM if you’re able to cancel and want to order.


This is all coming up roses nice!


Yeah I thought I was done for, but support has been great :slight_smile:


pmed you about a kit!


All PM’s replied.


How much CAD for a full set shipped in can?


$50 CAD for Canadians.


Seems like I can’t pm you since I’m a new member, but I’m interrested in a set. Also what size of wheels do they fit on?


They fit on pretty much any wheel with a flywheel core, but most commonly used on 83mm-97mm wheels.


I would like to buy you a set


PM sent my friend


I would like to purchase two 36t 15mm slave pulley for flywheels for my 107mm superfly.

PM sent.

Mounting Pulley onto Wheel

Just a heads up for those thinking of ordering from the ebay listings, don’t bother. Received my sets today, and despite the listing saying the same as here, it came with 36T / 12T, 2x 250mm belts and smaller silver screws. The main 36mm pulley was bent, and chipped.

Meanwhile, the ones i got here were flawless :slight_smile:


I received my kit and extra motor pulley today. Very happy with the price, shipping, communication and quality. Thanks dude!


Ugh. Super excited waiting for my knock-offs to come in. I wish there was a way to show sarcasm on the internet. :cry:


Received the hardware today, pretty good stuff, look and feel sturdy.


Still got kits. If anyone is still wondering about those ebay kits, I got this message from someone who purchased one of those kits:

"I ordered this item from a different seller but they sent me the wrong size belt and motor pulley. "



Still have kits available.