Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


Just bought some motor mounts, otherwise I would have bought them from you!
They definitly look sturdy and at a great price, kudos!!!


I got these mounts last week and holy cow, they’re beefy as heck. They’ve replaced my previous mounts (from dickyho) that bent.



For some reason, payment isn’t going through in your website. I want Caliber II Motor Mount - 63mm × 2. Help pls. PM me. Ok, now it seems paypal has gone through. Could you confirm just one order? I tried to use another card again. Keep the paypal order pls.


So just the one with the paypal?


No, 2x mounts, but just one order! I tried to order using another CC, but all of a sudden PayPal sent me a confirmation email. So, thats good. I just don’t want the other attempt to suddenly go through as well. I have one order of 2 mounts through PayPal and that’s good for me. Thanks!


Same with me. @dickyho mounts bent and were hopeless with the 6374’s I have. These mounts are awesome.


I have no idea how in the heck you’re profiting from these mounts but shit. Your stuff is legit brother. Yes. They took a little longer than expected to get here but totally worth the wait
visually everything looks amazing! Some Advice. Use a little bit of tape to seal the box for extra strength. Mine popped open during transportation but everything seems to be here. No damage or missing pieces
Just thought I’ll mention that just to save you some possible trouble with an unhappy customer :grin::+1:t3:

Thank you


Good to know about the boxes.

Glad you like them :slight_smile: Appearance will only get better when I start to add a chamfer to the edges instead of smoothening them out


I only see the box. Where are the mounts? :joy:


Still inside the box :joy:


after a week of usps delays my mounts arrived and wow. thank you @boardnamics for a great quality mounts at a great price. mount these mounts feel incredibly solid and for the price they are they are a steal!


@M.Hboards But they are aluminum😂


@Trdolan03 aren’t most motor mounts made from aluminum?


@M.Hboards They are and these are thick enough that there shouldn’t be any sort of issues. I was just doing a play on words with your “steal”


would this be an optional upgrade to mounts you’ve already produced or a new design all together?


The plan would just be to add 2 holes with a nut on the other side. If one wanted to, they could probably drill them accurately enough.


Any discount If I on only need the arm and dont need the mount. ?


If you PM I can send one your way!


That I can do. I will keep an eye out for any updates from you on the idea! If you do make it an option please also offer it is a standalone item for your current/previous customers.


Any updates/upgrades on the design as of now?