Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


Getting a ton of orders out tomorrow. Finals week in school really slowed things down.


eBay gives you buyer protection and shipping is actually cheaper so it evens out $$ wise.


I will check on the shipping…

The site uses PayPal goods and services so there is buyer protection.


Will the Idler version workm with Racestar 5065 motors and can they be mounted asymmetrically (one normal and one in reverse) without messing up the idler position?

Looks very promising!


Yes they can be mounted. With the purchase of 2 idler arms, I by default send mirror copies so 2 forward would have both idlers top or bottom. Upon request I can send 2 of the same to do what you’re describing.


Thank you for the flexibility. I must take a day to consider if I should do a asymmetrical build or buy some 218mm Caliber Clones From Diyelec or something and then I will place an order.

Edit: I might also consider the other mounts instead, guessing that the mirror-problem isnt present for them.


Got an email with tracking number a lil over a week ago yet progress is still in pre shipping Any ideas!?


Getting them out Monday. I do them in batches and not by date which I will be changing from now on.

Appreciate your patience, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Was just wondering one last thing, what is the length of these mounts for the idler and non-idler (50xx) versions respectively?

EDIT: Newer mind, just bought a pair of the idler version. Will mount both the same way so just need an ordinary combo. Looking forward to recieving it!


You haven’t shipped my package 10 days after my order. It was supposed to arrive on Wednesday. What’s the deal?


Working on it. Sorry for the long service time, can’t say I am too proud of that. Yours will go out today.

We all have heard of good, fast, cheap. Confident in the good and cheap…the fast is a work in progress.

Pretty much out of idler hardware like the belts/bearings. Ordered more 4 days ago but they are from overseas.


Hey my friend modify his mountainboard trucks to fit your mounts lol


That looks rock-solid


Wow! Never seen that kinda mod before. Did he modify the clamps pieces too or just the truck?


@b264 riiight!!! I really hope they are for him. Haven’t been tested to much since he’s still working on the build.
@boardnamics I believe just the trucks he made into a D shape


Hi, I ordered two 63mm mounts without idlers almost 10 days ago and it still says that they haven’t been shipped. When should I expect them to be sent out? Thanks.


I remember yours, I dropped it in the mail box Sunday. Don’t know why they haven’t scanned it.

As for everybody else, ordered more idler belts and bearings last week from China and have yet to get notification they shipped. Sucks because it’s the only thing I source overseas and because of that it takes the longest to get.


Okay, thanks for getting back to me.


Would anybody be interested in pulley covers as an optional upgrade?


yes please. if you could make available a stl file so people with a 3d printer can print them and sell them on your site for people without printers that would be great.