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$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


It can be because you run into the issue where the wheel intersects with the idler itself. If you tell me the gear ratio, I can check for you.


New CNC router


I can do that but it adds a lot of machining time because I have to flip the part and square it.


So two questions. First is based on @Bor.inc question. 97mm with a 35mm pulley and the idler kit. Will that work? Also, can these face both forward and backwards for dual diagonal or diagonal on the same truck?


What motor pulley? Also, yes they can be mounted in any orientation. The arm piecr has a circular slot pattern so it doesn’t matter which slots you use where.

Any purchase of 2x idler mounts will have mirrored arms so the idlers are in the same side


I plan on using a 15 or 16t motor pulley


Not at my computer right now but I’ll check for you


10 char


So I ran the simulation and it looks like it WILL work but with a 310mm belt.


So if i understand correctly.
The mount with no idler you tighten belt by adjusting the motor and with the mount that has idler you adjust tension with the postion of the idler?


Can’t complain about that price if I had a build in the works I would be all over them. Are they reverse mountable?


which one if I can ask? a friend and I are looking for options to mill alu.


An omio x6 2200L, highly recommended


On the non idles, what’s the max size wheels it could use ?


@Bjork3n Yup
@briman05 Yep
@MannyM0E Any wheel thats reasonable for a caliber truck, so basically all urethane. Don’t know about pneumatics


Kevin, i advise you to take all these answers and put them in description on your website :wink:


Just ordered. Thanks these look legit ! i just need to make sure my pulley is centered in my flywheel.


Just ordered a pair. Any idea on shipping time to Long Beach?


any difference between ordering from from your website and your ebay listings?

and do you think 42xx motor can be mounted?


42xx can work on the idler edition. If it has m3 mounting screws thrn the 4.3mm slots might be too big but it will fit.

I would chose my website because it’s $2 cheaper.