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$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


Okay. But someone can just design one very easily and 3D print them. Why not give them the option?


Alrighty little update. Finished the arm pieces, now moving on to the clamps. The finishing process takes the longest time. The actual part time to cut these out is 6 minutes combined, vs around 8-10 minutes of finishing operations per mount.

I am gettting Surf Rodz TKP trucks this coming week so I should have the design done for that real quick.

My next big batch of mounts will probably be 500 count vs the traditonal 100 I have been doing. It would take me roughly a month to make 500 mounts but it could mean I could ship same day as order placed.
My biggest flaw right now is delivery speed.


Quick question man! Are you going to share the files for the pulley covers? Just wondering :slight_smile:


Stil debating that lol. Overall it is looking like a yes, I will. I won’t sell nearly as many but that is okay. :slight_smile:


I mean honestly your prints might be better than the ones that some people are able to do, so as long as you keep yours high quality, I would imagine it might be easier for people to just buy yours


Well this didn’t take long. @Skunk sent me Surfrodz TKP and RKP trucks. Good news is that TKP is super easy because of the uniform hanger. Unfortunately, RKP hanger is much bigger and therefore the arm plate I make with the 24mm hole does not fit at all on the hanger anywhere.

I might be able to do RKP but it would require a big design change and could not use any of the arm brackets that I make as of now. The price would have to reflect this, with a single mount costing $35. Still not bad considering the trucks alone cost over $100 new.


How much will you sell the tkp clamps for?


All clamps except caliber will be $10 and will include the hardware


That’s a great price. I’l be sure to buy 2 from the first batch


Just ordered two mounts with idlers to France \o/

Thank you for your very good work !


The jam in my processing has been cleared lol


Just got mine yesterday :+1:
But the provided 325mm belt didn’t really play well with my 97mm wheels…the tensioner bearings are touching the inside wall of the wheels…
Using my own 305mm belts now…


@Boardnamics Kevin, just wanted to make sure did it have it put up correctly?
Is the 97mm wheels not possible to be tighten without having the tensioner bearings touching the wheel?


What is your pulley ratio?


@Boardnamics have any of your mounts been tested with 110mm or 107mm wheels?


The non-idler version works with those wheel sizes.


I’m using 12T/36T for this setup right now


Would the mount work with 70mm wheels or would it have too little ground clearance?


I made this little modification and was able to fit 97mm with 320mm belt. 16/36 gearing.


I’m confused; what part did you modify?