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$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


A plain unfinished set of idlers on my website would be $18(2) + $5 shipping so $41. They still include the timing belts :slight_smile:


Hi @Boardnamics,
Really good job on those mounts ! Your website says you will have 15mm timing belts soon but there is no date and maybe it is not updated, so do you have them now ?


would these be able to be powder coated ?

Like if i brought them to a place would i be able to?


The 15mm belts would probably be for the non idler version, so I was thinking 270mm?
I buy them in somewhat high quantity from my supplier. Their minimum quantity is I believe 50 so I have to purchase only what I know will sell.

Shipping from China is crazy expensive so I only order big sets of belts at a time. When I run out of idler belts, I’ll include those in my next order. So quite soon, a few weeks.


A quick google search has taught me that you can, but you may need to prepare the surface. Aluminum has its aluminum oxide coating which needs to be taken off to get good adhesion. The guys who powder coat probably know more than me


could you please release a .obj or .stl file for the pulleys covers? I have already bought the mounts and it would be better if i could just print the covers in different filaments/colors


Hi, I just checked the shipping costs to EU and the website says:
First-Class Package International Service: $28.50

Is that correct or is there an alternative option that’s cheaper?


Unfortunately that is the cheapest possible. However, the site does calculate it slightly higher because it uses retail prices. The actual cost to ship 2 mounts anywhere besides US is around $24. Not a big difference but…yeah.

I wish there were something cheaper because it hurts my international sales but there really isn’t.


Maybe put together a eu group buy… send a big box over.


Or contact retailers that might want to carry your mounts abroad. I think that could be a huge market even at a slightly higher price to account for shipping tax and export costs.


I’m totally up for that. Any ideas on which companies to contact?


They look good Kevin :+1:

The one you sent with my order is the older one with the plain finishing correct?


@Boardnamics hey I am wondering what are the hole dimension and center to center for mounting holes? To see if my mount can be compatible with these.


Hole diameter is 24mm. center to center is 36mm.


Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately the hole is too small, it would need to be at least 29mm.


Plain finish but chamfered edges.


Are these the current look of the mounts I’ll be getting? I ask as your site shows ones with no finish.


I haven’t updated the site. The pics I have on the site and on ebay actually are finished but outdated. They’re the wirebrush finish I used to do but not anymore.

Until I update the pictures, everyone gets the new one by default without the $3 price bump so act fast lol


What don’t you have pulley cover holes in the mount with the belt tensioner?


Because I didn’t make them lol. But if I did, I’d add holes lol