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14 year old boy builds Hybridboard



I already have a full face helmet and protection. :+1::ok_hand:
But nevertheless thx😉


Yes, you’re right!
And thank you for your answer​:ok_hand::wink:


I used to do both and then I stop and focused purely on esk8ing and sports its really crazy what you can do as kids when we aren’t on our asses playing video games.


This and protection were the first thing i bought​:wink::+1:


Those helmets are awesome, I don’t like the wind drag you get from the visor but you can always remove it.


so you’re 69 if im correct?


Indeed you are


Really impressive, especially for you young age !
Very nice build, can compete with quite some others here


@Therealesk8 Nice! I’m 16 myself and finishing up my first ESK8.


It’s very nice that teenagers (I mean fully grown men that think they know everything :sweat_smile: ) build esk8 and do something outside instead of only working out their fingers on the keyboard
I sound like grandpa here


Looks like the young uns have a place to hang out now. Good stuff


If that picture of your board was taken a week ago you must be based in southest of south of AUT.

Great work! Keep pushing them peers.


Awesome build! And your english is a lot better than my German…


Nope, this picture is taken in the september before this much snow🌨️😂


Than you very much!
Glad to hear that :heart::+1:


You’re right, grandpa :heart_eyes::point_up_2:


Yesterday, I designed this enclosure with fusion 360 for the eboard:


Are you going to print it?


Yes, i already printed a few pieces:


What material are you printing it from? What printer do you have?